Dinner Parties

Commune’s Dinner Party is a dinner party turned informal focus group. We invite influential insiders to a Commune hosted gathering. Yes you may have a glass of wine and chat about the weather for a bit, but the real goal of your dinner party is for you to make connections, receive advice about your brand, and gain insight into some of your business ideas. This is a dinner party in honor of you and your brand. We invite the guests, book the venue, and make sure the conversation is free flowing, but also on point, so that you get the feedback you need to help your brand. 

Home School

Commune’s Home School is a great way to meet your consumer of choice in a more “school” like setting. We recruit influential community members to join in a guided panel discussion on the topics that interest you the most. This is your chance to really “grill” your consumers about what motivates and inspires them the most. The “school” setting (home, office, or rented space etc.) and the panel discussion format prompts animated and in depth dialogue.

Trend Treks

Commune will shepherd you through the streets exploring the community of your choice. From art to food to beauty to entertainment to all things retail related we will take you where the consumers that interest you the most eat, shop, and hang. Trend Treks will give you an inside view of the neighborhood or city you wish to explore as well as an up close look at current local trends.

Trend Treks include a personal guide, a map specifically tailored for you; in store meet ups with local business owners, artists, creators etc. An end of day cocktail hour will be included in your day with a chance to chat with members of the local consumer community.