We have a global network of bright and engaged trendsetter and mainstream consumers. Commune prides itself in not using tired recycled databases that have been mined over again and again. Every member of our “Commune” has been hand-picked and vetted by us personally. At Commune we keep our members engaged by maintaining a relationship with them, whether they’re working on a project or not.

Members of ‘our commune’ span many generations: 
Gen X · Gen Y/Millennials · Gen Z/Tween · Parents

The members of our global network live on and off the beaten path in cities such as:

LA, Silverlake, Chicago, New York, Brooklyn, London, Leigh on Sea, Shoreditch, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Liverpool, Munich, Milan, Chennai, New Delhi, Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Manila,Sydney, Melbourne, Sao Paulo, Panama City, Mexico City.

If the city or neighborhood that interests you the most is not mentioned, please let us know as we have a talent for finding the right people in every location.